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Some will think, what an internship or more precisely a visit to West Africa in an economic framework can be beneficial to their training or their research.
It is true that the economies of industrialized countries is especially uplifting and updated with theories and models improved by the impending time to time researchers. It is therefore entirely logical that the individual will focus much more to a country where you breathe the material or emerging nations to deepen their knowledge.
So at that time knowledge where there is economic geography, it is not obvious that the models applied to a spatial entity can solve the dysfunctions of our least developed states.
Many still ignore the returns they get by focusing on developed under the economy.
By cons, taking the train told underdeveloped countries, coming to pay an exploration, we see that we can still tweak over these theories and make them more useful to other areas with other conditions and assumptions transposition .
For guidance, we have applied the theories of absolute advantage Adam Smith and David Ricardo comparison between economic regions lying within the TOGO. THE FINDINGS them were remarkable because there is a big difference before and after the specialization of these regions. But these theories are intended to be applied to foreign trade between nations and not within a single nation.
All things being equal, you will discern the benefits of these applications on the development of less advanced nations, and you will be contributing to the MDGs in one way or another.
Those who are concerned
• All research students
• Traders
• Volunteers who wish to broaden their economic visions
Note: You can only come for work and research sessions with our team, it depends on your plans and your concerns. You can also do internships in these areas:
• Marketing
• Human ressources
• Accounting
• Publicity
• Computers
• Real estate development, etc.