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Your sporting talents are welcome and will be also very useful to arouse passions and lead young people in sports centers of the localities where you postulated. You will attend classes in their course of Sports and Physical Education (EPS) and even take over some classes if you feel able.
Sports car everywhere positive values. It brings people to meet, fosters collaboration and teamwork, animates the will to succeed and builds character. For disadvantaged young people, it also gives the reassuring feeling of belonging to a sports group because sport that’s life.
Our volunteers in education and humanitarian missions can form sports teams or organize tournaments and other competitions. But if you want to devote yourself entirely to sport, our coaching missions are there for you!
Whether you have experience as a coach, a sports teacher or not, you are welcome as long as you are motivated and willing to share your passions and expertise.
Among the most popular sports are:
– Football
– Basketball
– The ténis
– Volleyball
– Rugby begins gradually but is still not widespread
It’s your turn !!!
NB: this task can be performed at any time of the year depending on the availability of the volunteer.