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Cultural immersion is at the heart of our concerns, we believe that to promote this mixing, there is better way than working in the heart of a local community to discover the cultural and traditional diversities of countries destination.
We offer a wide range of tasks related to the local population, to safeguard its cultural heritage as well as its development.
You will discover the craft in the host countries, the traditional techniques of extraction and use of mimerais like iron for the manufacture of agricultural tools. You will also have the opportunity to learn how to make musical tools like the djembe, a traditional flute, gong; to batik (decorative and clothing), dyeing, sculpture Ebony, percussion, African dances, etc …
Support of small communities in Ghana and Togo through construction, French lessons, organizing activities for children. Participate in the creation of theater pieces in Togo and many other activities.
Whatever your skills and your desires, you will find a job that suits you and you will be closer to a culture, a tradition, a population.
NB: this task can be performed at any time of the year depending on the availability of the volunteer.