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The AMORAD educational missions are open to all. Anyone can access the pleasure of seeing the students progress, while gaining valuable personal skills.

Our volunteers are involved in:
– Primary schools
– Secondary schools (colleges)
– High schools,
– Special schools
– And even universities.

Your commitment is very important since schools are starved of resources and skills to teach foreign languages especially English and French.

NB: Ghana will need more volunteers to teach French. Regarding Togo, Benin, Senegal and Burkina – Faso we would like more volunteers to teach English. But we do not refuse volunteers willing to teach French in Togo, Benin, Senegal, Burkina – Faso or English in Ghana. Both languages will be taught in the same country.

Your task will be facilitated by the fact that most of your students are very eager to learn. They are aware that the French or the English are important assets for a brighter future.

You will also find frequently that local teachers looking to improve their skills by talking with you. This is part of the value that your mission brings. More local teachers are competent, more students can benefit.

Other materials can also be taught:
– computing,
– physical education,
– the music,
– theater,
– Mathematics.

Your schedule will correspond to average 18 hours of weekly lessons. This seems little, but remember that you will also prepare your course!

data processing
Know how to use a computer has now become a key element in career success. By teaching basic computer concepts Ghana, Togo you will help children and adults gain an essential tool for their future life.

physical educations
The volunteer will be required to supervise students in physical exercises and will also teach football in most of our destinations and other popular sports.

The theater is a very effective tool for teaching a language and a foreign culture. If you have experience, most of our destinations welcome you with open arms.

Many of our partner schools wishing to expand their cultural repertoire with Western music. This is a great opportunity for you to get to know the world of music! You could create a choir, support groups and even teach composition.

English lesson
You will help the children to improve their skills in the expression of the English language. We count on your availability and your will. Through these courses you will discover many things and spend pleasant moments that would accompany you throughout your life, especially the tradition and culture. You will have a program that will allow you to discover the sights of the country.

French courses and community work in Ghana
Ghana is an English speaking country surrounded by French-speaking countries, it needs the French to strengthen diplomatic and trade relations of the neighboring countries. Discover this beautiful country of West Africa at all levels: political, economic, commercial, religious, artistic, and cultural. The tradition in Ghana remains one of the finest on the African map. Orphans await you in a warm welcome. Universities in Ghana also need your contribution to improve the spoken students.

NB: this task can be performed at any time of the year depending on the availability of the volunteer.