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Les missions d’enseignement d’AMORAD sont ouvertes à tous. Tout le monde peut accéder au plaisir de voir les élèves progresser, tout en acquérant des précieuses compétences personnelles. Nos volontaires interviennent dans : – des écoles primaires, – des écoles secondaires (collèges), – des lycées Votre engagement est très important puisque les écoles manquent cruellement des ressources et de compétences

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L’environnement est tout ce qui nous entoure. Pour un développement de nos localités, nous devons prendre soin de notre entourage en commençant par la gestion des déchets, des eaux usées, la lutte contre la déforestation, les feux de brousse ; à faire des plantations. Nos missions environnement couvrent une large gamme de domaines : – Protection de la faune et de la flore, la nature en général – Sensibilisation des populations, surtout des jeunes, dans...

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Il consiste à voyager loin des grandes infrastructures, seul ou en petit groupe dans les meilleures conditions de rencontre et d’échange avec les populations des lieux que vous visitez. Amorad vous offre donc la possibilité de vivre en toute liberté, découvrir le Togo, ses richesses et sa culture. La découverte des œuvres d’art. Vous passerez de bons week-ends dans des campagnes si cela vous chante. Le tourisme solidaire dure 14 à 16 jours auprès de notre association. Une partie de vos frais de participation ...

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New calendar of activities of AMORAD year 2018-2019

Here is Amorad’s Activity Calendar for this Year! Calendar Year 2018-2019       A PDF version is available here ->Amorad cal2018   Amorad thanks you for the support you give him!

Starting between volunteer in africa for missions / training / camp site

We are looking for volunteers and interns for our various humanitarian project in Africa. – Whether you are a student (e) and you are looking for a course of study or training abroad, you schoolboy (e) employee, retiree or evolve in a group of scouts, entrepreneurs, officials or students or association, an NGO, project carriers […]

Accomplished projects in the past three years 2014-2015-2016

As part of community development in vulnerable areas, it is available to girls in final apprenticeship and without means of AVE 10 Sewing Jeannome; 10 overcasting machines, 10 irons, the tape meter and scissors. This is for professional use to help beneficiaries to support and participate in equipping other needy of the community. Creation of […]

Youth work of site with children and teenagers

AMORAD gives the duty to work for the education and development of the child while imagining an approach policy: Youth work with children. Aware that the development of a people begins at the base that is to say by us and then by our communities; AMORAD arrived in the resolution for a world best, we […]

Site Tourism, Travel, Entertainment

Togo’s cultural diversity is great and this is one of the country’s power privileges offer his visitors, beautiful sites, fauna and diverse flora. To allow volunteers enjoy the wealth that nature offers us, AMORAD invites you to discover the sights of some countries in West Africa such the TOGO Kpalime in the plateau region: Region […]

Site Recreation and Entertainment

The sociocultural participates in the local improvement, set up events, offers activities and helps to carry out the projects. It allows the development of social relationships of those involved and increasing their autonomy. Therefore, all voluntary at this camp must give of his time and energy to the camp’s success. Thus, he or she would […]

Tutoring site (during vacancy students)

Long, it was found that teachers in rural areas lack material learning to enable them to freely exercise their functions. To raise the level of the learners of these environments, the association Global research and development support initiated tutoring sites to enable them complete the unfinished programs and understand chapters evil acquired during the academic […]

Mobilization and awareness site on STI / HIV – AIDS or against malaria

This project will be to go from door to door, raise awareness on ways to prevention and fight against STIs – HIV AIDS or malaria. THE WORK The volunteers, some days before the start of the project, receive training in STI / HIV-AIDS or Malaria and take charge in turn train the village youth. In […]

Awareness reforestation site on the environment

The activities of this project will consist primarily select with the help of farmers nurseries for fertilizing and forest species in preparation for next season reforestation. An awareness campaign on the consequences of the uncontrolled slaughter trees, bush fires will be organized in order to appeal to the conscience of the peasants who engage in […]

Artistic production site

During these camps, volunteers are introduced to the practice of craft techniques Africa: Batik (decoration, dress), traditional pottery, Percussion Dances African, necklaces and beads Confection based bracelets etc. to enable volunteers to live unforgettable moments, AMORAD offers sessions for participants traditional animation to the rhythm and sound of djimbé and African dances. This site is […]