Mobilization and awareness site on STI / HIV – AIDS or against malaria

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This project will be to go from door to door, raise awareness on ways to
prevention and fight against STIs – HIV AIDS or malaria.

The volunteers, some days before the start of the project, receive training in STI / HIV-AIDS or Malaria and take charge in turn train the village youth. In addition, mass awareness campaigns will also be organized. The
mass awareness is one that is held in a public place at the call of the entire population by the authorities of the
resort, it is an opportunity to summarize the proximity of awareness that has been made beforehand.
Depending on the size of the population of the host village, awareness caravans can be
organized in order to reach the maximum of people. The mobilization of action and means
awareness of the populations are: debates chats, games, there will also be the marathon, football tournament, theater, condoms and mosquito nets or, leaflets and information posters; volunteers and young people of the village will occur at the end of the construction theatrical piece. Volunteers can bring
condoms; of fémidons, posters and posters in short everything for a campaign.
The work will still 4 to 5 hours per day.

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