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The sociocultural participates in the local improvement, set up events,
offers activities and helps to carry out the projects.
It allows the development of social relationships of those involved and
increasing their autonomy.
Therefore, all voluntary at this camp must give of his time and energy to
the camp’s success. Thus, he or she would be taken (e) to contribute significantly to
camp activities such as: the preparation of a meal of his country, the realization of sketches,
dances or games.
During the camp, other cultural activities apart from those provided by
the association are organized between campers and locals walks, excursions, exhibitions
works of art and artistic. In order to promote cultural exchange and meetings and
to enable the association to achieve one of its objectives: promoting volunteerism
Internationally, various parties are organized according to the origin of volunteers
(African evening, European, Asian …). Evenings during which campers
preparing menus from home; engage in discussions about their country and the effects
Positive volunteering.

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