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We are looking for volunteers and interns for our various humanitarian project in Africa.
– Whether you are a student (e) and you are looking for a course of study or training abroad, you schoolboy (e) employee, retiree or evolve in a group of scouts, entrepreneurs, officials or students or association, an NGO, project carriers to achieve in Africa, you wish to participate in a solidarity camp site in Africa?,
– You wish to discover Africa by working in the humanitarian benefit of a community, a village, a school, a helpless child?
-You Think volunteering / volunteer throughout the course of the year (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)?
– You would like to go abroad for a unique and rewarding experience culturally sharing and exchange with rural communities plagued many socio-economic difficulties, cultural and health?
– You want to give the best of yourself you invest in humanitarian and solidarity initiative in Africa?
– Would an adventure that will give you the confidence you helped an entire population to flourish?
– Do you want from a people, a community, a group to discover their daily lives and an act that would improve people’s living conditions?
Exhorting all walks of developed countries to commit heavily around our humanitarian projects especially our camps and courses to further improve the lives of our local communities.

All our education and prevention missions are organized to help children (orphans, street children, children in great danger, disabled children, etc.), in collaboration with local and international NGOs with whom we work since years.
Dare to serve a mission with Amorad-Togo You will not regret your investment.
No experience, no particular degree is required. Our only criterion for recruitment is the will and motivation! Our solidarity work camps (Spring, Fall, Summer and Winter) include:

• Supports school children (during holidays)
• Literacy for rural women
• Animation, socio-educational and sports, leisure with children
• Mobilization / Awareness STI / HIV / AIDS
• mobilization / sensitization on malaria
• African crafts (production of artistic works)
• Reforestation and environmental awareness
• Agro forestry
• Construction of school building, library, public toilets
• Family integration and placement of volunteers in host families etc.

This is the time to APPLY AMORAD, enrollment in various courses, volunteer missions and international solidarity work camps have already started, he still places on all our missions.
For internships send us as soon as possible your CV and cover letter.
More information about take a look at our website: contact on Facebook OR pages / Amorad / 1556258114590916? ref = hl
Keep yourself motivated by joining our group
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