Youth work of site with children and teenagers

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AMORAD gives the duty to work for the education and development of
the child while imagining an approach policy: Youth work with children.
Aware that the development of a people begins at the base that is to say by us
and then by our communities;

AMORAD arrived in the resolution for a world
best, we are called to fight for a better tomorrow.
The socio educational animation camp site with children and therefore sees as a
waking instrument of awareness and community empowerment on the plagues
including against children.
It is for this reason that we must find ways
and means that the child’s situation is reviewed in our communities so they can fully enjoy their rights
(Right speech, education, health …).
This project is open to any volunteer willing to put its know-how
benefit of all those needy children who need so much to us, our help and our love. The
Volunteers will be responsible for supervising and animate children through song, dance and
theater, educational games and other pedagogical activities.

The volunteers will lead the children in several workshops such as: drawing workshop,
painting, singing and modeling dances; tale and sketch etc. They will work
average 5 hours each morning and afternoon will be mostly devoted to
cultural exchange activities with the welcoming community. For the success of that camp,
volunteers can bring games of all kinds and all that can contribute to
children animation.
They can also be presented and exchange cultural aspects
typical of their countries (songs, dances, games)

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