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The environment is everything that surrounds us. For development of our communities, we must take care of our surroundings, beginning with waste management, waste water, the fight against deforestation, bush fires; to make plantations.
Our environment missions cover a wide range of areas:
– Protection of fauna and flora, nature in general
– Awareness of the population, especially young people, as part of « green schools » projects
– Raising awareness on hygiene, sanitation and water
– Scientific research on animals and plants
– Practical work in national parks
During your mission you will have the opportunity to meet wonderful animals like turtles, ducks of different species, crocodiles, hippos, according to the region and have the opportunity to visit natural sites: the cascade of Kpimé to Woamé and fall that has been discovered to Tomégbé (Kpalime): the inhabitants of the locality called ‘virgin’.
For this mission, no special qualifications are required, but if you are a specialist in biology, zoology, botany, environmental education, ecological or other specialty, your commitment will be all the more valuable.
NB: this task can be performed at any time of the year depending on the availability of the volunteer.