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In the center of humanitarian missions is love of children is grown. Imagine for a second that it is you who lose your life alongside your children, so young, so innocent. What would become of them? How are they doomed fate? The orphans are waiting for you to learn from you, to receive your affection, to feel alive. Give them hope by your gestures, your assistance. Various programs can be organized in orphanages or on behalf of children, the homeless or seniors: games, songs, dances artistic activities, crafts …
Children are tomorrow’s leaders, they must be educated, informed on diseases that ruin our society and they are mostly the victims time: STI, Malaria … to draw their attention to the objects they can pick up on the management of waste water … You also learn profiteriez activities like drumming (djembe), traditional flute and others.
We are aware that we can not address all socio-economic problems of the countries in which we operate; but nevertheless, we spare no effort towards improving not if it is only for a small part of people’s lives, because of the commitment of our volunteers.
AMORAD TOGO offers humanitarian missions towards:
– Orphans
– Children from streets
– Care Centers
– Daycare
– Deaf and hard of hearing
– Blind
– Mentally disabled
– Physically Handicapped
– Patients VID-SDIDA
– Older, Senior
– Children in kindergarten Babies.
You can specify your preference when you registered as a volunteer in an orphanage for example, will teach the children things that unfortunately their parents could not teach them. By getting involved in the daily life of the centers, you help to prepare children for adult life.
You also will complete the work of the permanent staff who often do not have time to care permanently and enough of each child. Social interaction that you make through games, outings and other activities, will make life much happier children.
Or you get involved in neighborhood initiatives:
– Build classrooms, homes for all playgrounds.
– Rehabilitate and renovate orphanages
– Lend a hand in general
– Assist sanitation districts
These often starved neighborhood initiatives resources and therefore require volunteers.
To engage in such humanitarian projects you do not need to have the skills or specialized training, your energy, your commitment are much more important.
NB: this task can be performed at any time of the year depending on the availability of the volunteer.