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This program is a unique opportunity for any student who opted for the profession of medicine. It immerses you in the medical specialties of a developing country and will allow you to approach different specialties.

AMORAD offers a wide range of medical courses to groups of volunteers, training courses specifically designed to meet your needs as a medical student.

We have gained experience through our collaboration with professional and we can offer internships that will not only meet your needs but also gives you the opportunity to have the experience in the countries where you work.

If you are looking for an internship with us in specific areas of specialty to participate in the evolution of a developing country or acquire new knowledge to your studies, we offer you the best opportunity of internships in Togo:

A wide variety of medical specialties
daily schedule jobs or modular programs clearly established
well qualified supervision
Interpretation if possible
Links with primary care
Open collaboration with AMORAD
Opportunity to experience traditional medicine
A pleasant social environment
A variety of local food and accommodation (accommodation)

Entant volunteer medical trainee, you are sure to be asked. Hospitals often lack the resources, the staff underpaid, lack of adequate equipment, are factors that hamper some health centers. On the other hand, without great means patients for treatment or to pay for treatment, cases of advanced disease not diagnosed in time due to lack of means, the use of self medicine.

Our medical program is a real medical career preparation. You will experience the contrast between Western medicine and the realities of medicine in developing countries. You will also see the sad realities of medical conditions that are struggling to change.

Volunteer Internship in Physiotherapy

Choose to make a voluntary internship in physiotherapy with us and gain experience as you’ll have to help your Third World colleagues. Whether you want a career, vocational training or if you are already in the field, you will have a role to play in hospitals, clinics and other health centers with which you work

Our physiotherapy programs allow you to help children and adults with disabilities to lead a decent moral life. Rehabilitation is very important and you have experience in this field or not, working with polio physiotherapists in centers for lepers in Benin, centers for disabled people (children and adults) in Togo, physiotherapy major hospitals in Ghana, you will learn the practice of physiotherapy in a completely different cultural environment.

These programs are designed

medical students who often leave.
new students who are preparing to go to university
students of the faculties of sciences
to leave doctors (missions to help people)
the profession or training nurses

You will be if you are a specialist in:
– Make surgeries with basic equipment or insufficient
– Follow the patients of tuberculosis and leprosy.
– Practice or follow caesareans in operating theaters that have nothing operating theaters in Europe

Medicine Program

AMORAD offers a number of internship or volunteering work which are particularly suitable for medical students of 1èr to 4th year. Below are the specialization programs for students from the faculties of Science and Medicine:
dermatology, microbiologies, anesthesia, neurology, pediatrics, pathology, physiotherapy, radiology, surgery, orthopedics, ophthalmology, cardiology.

Added to this list:
Traditional medicine, physiotherapy, maternity, dental medicine.