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The World Association of Research and Development Support’s goals are:
– Contribute to the bustling life through the participation of Togolese and foreign volunteers to carry out the work of general interest.
– Improving the living conditions of the base populations by promoting their development and well being by safeguarding the ecological, socio-cultural, educational and health.
– Promote the flow of people and ideas in international and intercultural exchanges for the purpose of knowledge, mutual understanding.
AMORAD make a viable institution, credible partner for sustainable local development focused on voluntary and volunteer youth motivated and engaged and responsible involvement of local communities face various problems: environmental degradation , poverty and highly increased poverty, lack of socio collective infrastructures.
AMORAD focuses its actions for a local and participatory development. It is :
1. Engage youth and promote the culture of volunteerism for sustainable development,
2. Contribute to find satisfactory answers to community concerns. Vulnerable base and strengthen their operational capacities through the organization of local and permanent work camps, or international, national, workshops for reflection and awareness and information on new and priority concerns,
3. Develop active partnerships and exchanges with other actors sharing the same vision
To achieve its objectives, activities held by strategic axes are defined below:
1. seeking institutional support and therefore the mobilization of financial resources, domestic.
2. training / retraining suitable people on topics related to voluntary principles and specific to the organization and community work AMORAD and village leaders.
3. the establishment of a coordinating style of participatory and transparent management of activities.
4. layout and equipment of the seat AMORAD
effective capacity
1. the planning and implementation of ongoing community projects and international work camps summer. The projects mainly focus on a self-centered community development on youth work and culture of children, mobilization against STI / HIV / AIDS, village reforestation and agroforestry, the establishment of collective and socio-sanitary equipment ( schools, training centers, latrines, health centers, renovation of collective social infrastructure ……)
2. capitalization of the results of the activities carried
3. monitoring and evaluation of achievements.
4. the expansion of activities into new communities motivated and ready to invest.