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Each type of work is a participation fee.

These participation fees you pay on site serve to finance only and completely the association during a year of activity.

No government grant is received from the State or anywhere else. It is the participation fee and the contributions of our members used to finance:

– The operation of the National Office
– International projects sector management
– The same projects
– International relations
– Equipment costs and service (telephone, fax, post, rent …)
– The reception of the medium-term volunteers

In summary :
– 45% of fees go to the accommodation of volunteers (reception, food, shelter, camp tour and decampment « )
– 40% of fees go to projects (equipment, labor …)
– 15% of fees go to the administration of the association (project coordination, administrative expenses: rent, telephone, internet, electricity, post, fax, office supplies, travel, insurance, training, meetings.