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Are concerned :
specialized educators, scouts, nurses (e) s, midwives, laboratory technicians, student (s) at the end of training, local development agents, doctors, architects, computer scientists, teachers, etc.
The volunteer, according to their skills, may itself propose the desired area.

A.MO’RAD can accommodate trainees volunteers for end courses of study or for humanitarian missions as part of volunteering in the medium and long term in many areas (education, health, environment, art and culture .. .). Procedures for an internship:

We exchange mails following your application responding to an advertisement. Your application will consist of a cover letter (in which you express your goals) and a CV.

From these parts, A.MO.R.A.D will consider taking your place locally to find a training place (urban or rural hospital, an NGO, an association, a school, a public or private company)

A.MO.R.A.D confirm its ability to organize your course following the success of its investigations.

A registration form and internship organization agreement will be mailed or emailed as an attachment with the detailed arrangements.

If the placement is in a professional, you contact your business card features our registration and our internship organizing convention and then send us your internship agreement we signed will return.

If the course is your own initiative, only the internship organization AMORAD convention that you have mailed or mail is to sign and return.

A letter of invitation will also be issued if required for visa application procedures or grant.
There will be two conventions: A tripartite agreement (A.MO.R.A.D / your establishment / yourself) and a bipartisan agreement (A.MO.R.A.D / yourself) to be explicit about the material conditions of stay.

NB: The entire project is not funded. Note that the work is unpaid, it is volunteer work. In addition, according to the voluntary capacity, he / she will provide some material assistance to the project and the association.