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Our provisions
Dear volunteers, By agreeing with your structure you accept the terms of participation in the site, you confirm to have taken knowledge of the rules of work camps, you share our visions and ideals of volunteerism. You agree to obtain medical insurance required for the duration of your trip to Togo, furthermore you agree you pay a participation fee to the site on arrival in Togo. camp site’s success to which you would be involved will depend on your total involvement in community life, your sense of responsibility and our belief is that you are consistent with its values.
Our expectations
Any volunteer who engages with our organization must take responsibility firstly in implementing and organizing activities during construction, the rules that govern community living on site in order to allow the voluntary group to achieve the objectives set for the site. We hope that this experience of international work camp will bring you new ideas, you will establish and develop new friendships as this experience positively affect your career.
Before committing
Each camp site is suitable participation fee. A check in the section allocation of costs for participation in work camps. Airline return tickets, vaccination, visa is entirely the responsibility of volunteers .Each participant organizes its travel (airlines, Visa, vaccination, participation fees, personal consumption on the premises, purchase of travel souvenirs, excursions, etc ..). For your flight We strongly recommend AIR FRANCE for its reliability, repatriation insurance, baggage insurance her, and above all for its direct flight Roissy Charles de Gaulle – Lome in 6 hours or so. Take as soon as possible anyway! With other companies like Royal Air Morocco, Air Burkina / (cheap ticket), Brussels Airlines or Afriqua Airways and depending on the time of year it is possible to have cheaper tickets, yet should you book seats at least 5-6 months in advance. However you will make a stop in if not both. We are willing to follow you in your administrative and other steps to give you advice, guidance and useful information.
Before you sign up make sure to have taken knowledge of the conditions of participation and make sure that the cost of travel matches your financial means. A charter to be signed will be sent by email after you register to one of our missions.
NB: Following send your registration form to the site, you will receive initially a mail pre-registration confirmation. Once you have given us the information about your flight: Date and exact time of arrival of the flight in Togo, name of the airline and your date and time of departure of Togo; we will send you an email final confirmation of registration to the site accompanied by a mission letter of invitation and proof of accommodation in accordance with the information you have provided us on your flight.
These documents allow you to get your VISA peacefully with the embassy or consulate of Togo in your country of origin. Some information will also be sent at the same time allowing you to plan your trip and the actual site.

For more information, download the two following document:
How to prepare your travels? ;
How to finance his trip and the project? ;