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A site is a period during which volunteers of various nationalities staying together to develop a project with the local population. Find out what time the fort site, with all its settings, participation in an action of sustainable development, the working group in good spirits and recreation.

Volunteering is an act of exchange between an individual or group who offers his time, his work, his energy for the benefit of a project of general interest and a host community that offers the (x) volunteer (s ) a learning ground for experimentation and personal and collective construction.

The act of construction
The act of construction implies a society project, which is based on a democracy where citizens not only participate in the collective decision-making, but also player of the implementation of these decisions. The construction of its nature (the commitment of a group of individuals in a common project) is supporting experimentation of a micro-society, where everyone guarantees the management and evolution of this system .

Why make a site in Togo or Africa?
It is becoming easier and especially fashionable to go to Africa as a tourist. Vacation, it can be nice, but you do not actually discover Africa and Togo. By making a project of two (2) to three (03) weeks will return against you directly in contact with the local population. By working with it, you will have a good overview of their daily life, you will go to places where you will never set foot as a tourist. In addition you will end up making friends with the local community: The exchange is not only human but also cultural. Tourism is usually a bad impact on the local community. Of course, it is a source of income, but income is not often redistributed to residents. This sometimes creates tourism exploitation of people and often the loss of traditions and cultures as well as the deterioration of the landscape.
By doing a project, so living and working together with the rural community, it is hoped that people from around the world will learn to understand and respect other cultures rather than exploit.